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An alarm clock is designed with practicality in mind, but that doesn't mean it can’t make a stylish home decoration. Discover One Six Eight London alarm clocks.


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LISA Charcoal Grey Alarm Clock
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LISA Grey / White Alarm Clock
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ELLIE White Silent Alarm Clock
ELSA Sage Green Alarm Clock
LISA Blush Alarm Clock
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LEARN The Time White Alarm Clock
ELSA White Alarm Clock
MAISIE Mint Silent Alarm ClockMAISIE Mint Silent Alarm Clock
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
LEARN The Time Grey Alarm Clock
ELLIE Blush Silent Alarm Clock

Alarm Clocks

Oversleep Again With Our Quality Alarm Clocks

Styling your bedroom requires a
mixture of home accessories that are beautiful and functional. An alarm clock is a purpose-serving creation and a
necessity for getting us up and out of bed on time. Whether you need to get
ready for work or catch an early yoga class, you will need your morning wake-up
call to make arrangements and meet responsibilities.

With our extensive range of alarm
clocks, you can wake with ease and start your day right. From modern digital
alarm clocks with various features to more traditional, whimsical designs,
you're sure to find the perfect clock that caters to your needs and matches
seamlessly with your bedroom decor.

Why Choose an Alarm Clock?

We all have easy access to digital
clocks, from watches and fitness trackers to phones and laptops. With a range
of methods to view the time and set the alarm, you might wonder what makes
alarm clocks a good purchase. The reality is that alarm clocks have many
benefits. Using your phone at night can have a profound impact on your sleep.

Phones bring multiple distractions to
what should be a quiet, restful space. Switching to an alarm clock can
positively affect your sleep cycle. It eliminates the need for your device at
bedtime, promoting a more peaceful environment that enables you to normalise
healthy sleep patterns.

You can find a clock you love with One
Six Eight London alarm clocks.

Finding the Best Alarm Clock for Your Needs

An alarm clock is there to serve a
function. So, when looking to purchase a new clock, you should look for
features that cater to your needs. For example, you might be someone that can't
cope without a snooze function, or perhaps you enjoy hearing the radio first
thing. Our team of clock craftsmen produce alarm clocks for every preference,
paying special attention to the smaller details, like the colour, fittings,
display readability, and the sound of the rings.

How to Choose an Alarm Clock

Not everyone realises the importance
of selecting the right alarm clock. However, alarm clocks without suitable
functions can turn your a.m. into a stressful environment even after a good
night's sleep. Alarm clocks provide a service, but you want that service to fit
gently into your lifestyle. Moreover, you might feel overwhelmed when viewing
classic and modern digital alarm clocks without some idea of what you are
looking for.

Think about the precise function you
want your clock to provide. Then, you can consider the design elements of your
room and the location. You might like your alarm clock to match the nightstand,
or you might display it somewhere that complements a light or dark feature
wall. You may want something colourful if you plan on teaching your children to
read the time.

Here are some top tips when shopping
for alarm clocks.

Ensure it is legible

Always consider how well you can read
the time on alarm clocks. Analogue alarm clocks have a traditional clock face
with a moving hour and minute hand. Digital alarm clocks display the time in
numerals. Whichever design you choose, you should be able to read the display
at a glance. The same rule applies whether the clock is in your bedroom,
kitchen, or bathroom.

Choose a satisfying sound

Alarms clocks come with an extensive
range of alarm sounds. Most people set an alarm to wake up after sleeping. Your
ears might feel extra sensitive after a restful night, so it's best to choose
alarm clocks with a pleasant sound that helps you awaken gently. A jarring
noise will shock the system and disturb the peace. If you prefer a completely
silent clock, One Six Eight London offers a great selection of alarm clocks
with a silent sweep movement that eradicates the ticking motion.

It should be easy to use

Not everyone is familiar with modern
digital alarm clocks, so it's a good idea if you can find a digital clock with
user-friendly functions. Consider features like the snooze option, display
light, and night light options if you want to choose the perfect clock that you
will love.

Make sure it is aesthetically pleasing

An alarm clock is just as much an
accessory as your jewellery box, photo frames and table lamp. All clocks can make a great focal feature in
your home. You should consider where your timepiece is going to live before
matching it to the nearby wall, art, or furniture. Explore our selection of
styles, from sweet and homely to sleek and modern. You can find alarm clocks in
all colours, including classic white and black and pastel blue, pink and green.


What is the point of an alarm clock?

Alarm clocks serve an important
function that many people can't go without. They wake you from sleep, either
from a full night's sleep or an afternoon nap. Most people struggle to wake up
naturally, but having an alarm clock ensures you keep track of time and adhere
to your schedules.

What is the best alarm clock for the morning?

The best alarm clocks are those that
wake you up with a pleasant ringing noise rather than a sharp, piercing sound
that delivers a nasty shock. You can find an extensive range of traditional
analogue and modern digital alarm clocks to suit your waking preferences.