Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors uplift any room by promoting light and space. Discover One Six Eight London mirrors in all shapes and sizes and learn how they can make your home.


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Amy 60cm Iron Mirror - Black
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STACEY 60cm Champagne Gold Aluminium MirrorSTACEY 60cm Champagne Gold Aluminium Mirror
TINA 95cm Dark Solid Wood Mirror
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Wall Mirrors

Dress Your
Walls With a Beautiful Mirror

There's nothing more gorgeous than the
natural light bouncing from a mirror and reflecting sunlight around a room.
Wall mirrors are great for making a room look bigger and brighter. Even the
smallest of spaces can appear larger with the help of a mirror hanging on the
wall. Moreover, they come in all shapes and sizes to complement any room
without occupying any physical space. It's a win-win for those who want to
create an easy but magnificent look.

We stock a range of modern mirrors to
decorate empty walls. Whether you want an accent piece to hang in the bedroom
or a vanity mirror for the bathroom, we have a mirror type to match your
vision. The perfect piece will brighten your home and your day when you witness its beauty. Feeling inspired?

Why Hang a Mirror?

Hanging a mirror is a great option for
any home, particularly in those areas where you want to open up the space and
create the appearance of a larger room. Wall mirrors are essential when you
need to compromise on space, such as in hallways, bathrooms and smaller guest
bedrooms. That said, it's just as important to place a wall mirror in locations
like kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms to fill the wall and tie all
decorating elements together.

Framed mirrors immediately elevate
your decor. You can even choose a decorative frame to embellish a blank wall or
select a wall mirror with a bevelled edge to add depth. Whether you prefer
contemporary or vintage styles, there is a mirror to suit every house, old or

Mirrors are a must because of their
ability to transform a home's decor in a moment, but let's remember how
functional these glass objects are. The mirror's purpose is to reflect an
image. Particles of light stream toward the glass and bounce from it, causing a
reflection. As the pane of glass is so smooth, it reflects the lights without
distorting the image. These curious items enable us to carry out daily tasks,
like applying makeup, trying on clothes and practising dental hygiene.

How to Choose a Mirror

Choosing a new mirror can be a little
intimidating, but following some general rules can help you find a dreamy style
to suit the rest of your decor. Mirrors are part of the room's arrangement and
should be chosen with care for the most beautiful and dramatic results.

Here are some top tips for choosing

Know where it's going

Knowing where your mirror is going is
half the battle. While you might be tempted to shop the first wall mirror you
see, it's good to know where it will live. That way, you can ensure you get the
style and the sizing right. For example, full-length mirrors or floor mirrors
hung horizontally work well in bedrooms. You can see your full body, so they're
ideal for trying outfits and assessing your look from head to toe.

Begin by thinking about what you want
from your new mirror. Do you want a round wall mirror to hang above a vanity
unit, or will you benefit from a bathroom mirror with LED lighting? Asking
yourself some simple questions will help you make the right decision.

Play with shape

Incorporating shapes into your house
can make a great impact. It's one of the key features to look for when hunting
for wall mirrors, as it can make a difference to the overall vibe of your room.
A round mirror is a popular option because the curves add warmth. It doesn't
shy away from making a statement either, especially when looking for a classic
and pretty vanity mirror. A rectangular mirror can work well anywhere from the
foyer to the bedroom.

Think about the frame

The mirror is glass, but mirrors come
with all different frames, and some are frameless. A frame can transform a
mirror and make it stand out, regardless of location. Keep your decor goals in
mind when looking at frames. You might want to stick to a colour scheme and
find a framed mirror that matches your current accessories. A black framed
mirror is elegant, while classic wood is always a hit because it features
traditional and modern elements.

At One Six Eight London, you can find
a range of stylish mirrors crafted in natural wood, aluminium and brushed
stainless steel to suit the rest of your furniture. The right mirror will
brighten your home, so find the one you'll be happy to hang on your wall for


How big should a mirror be on a wall?

How big a wall mirror should be
depends on your working space. You need to think about the size and shape to find the appropriate
mirror. A large mirror creates visual space and works great in a cramped space,
but you want a small mirror to stay visible on a large wall.

Where should you not hang a mirror?

When it comes to wall mirrors, there
are a few golden rules. It's best to avoid placing a mirror where it will
disrupt a room. For example, don't put a wall mirror opposite clutter as this
will further clutter the space, or directly opposite your bed as the reflection
may disrupt your sleep.